One more Death sentence in 8 year old girl Child rape with Murder case of PS Kamla Nagar of Bhopal district of MP . This is the 7th capital sentence of year 2019. Last year Total number of death sentences were 21 in year 2018 which was highest in India and a record in history of MP Prosecution. Today on 11July 2019 ADJ court Smt Kumudni Patel of Bhopal has given Double capital punishment to accused Vishnu Bhamore age 25 years for raping , sodomising and murdering 8 year old girl child. Incident occurred on 8 June 2019 in Kamlanagar PS of Bhopal district. Accused Vishnu was neighbour of victim .Accused Yogesh picked up the child to his hut and raped, sodomised and strangulated her in his hut. He dumped the body in loney area. During night time search of girl was going on by family members and neighbours . Accused Vishnu was also a part of searching team and he tried to misguide searching party. In the morning body was found and accused Vishnu was interrogated by Police on suspicion and arrested by police. Broken bangles of victim were recovered from his hut . Circumstantial evidence , Scientific eveidence and positive DNA report proved the case. He was given double capital sentence (302 & 376) and other sentences in sec 377,366 and 201 IPC and POCSO act. From MP Prosecution Addl DPO TP Gautam, ADPO Manisha Patel , ADPO Lokendra Dewedi conducted the case in court. Total number of capital punishment were 21 during 2018 .This is the highest number of capital punishment secured in a year in MP in entire history . No other state in India has secured 21 capital punishment in a year. Honr High court has already confirmed capital sentences in 6 cases and in 10 cases commuted sentence to life imprisonment. Honr High court has not acquitted any case which is also a big success. I am declaring commendation to Addl DPO TP Gautam, ADPO Manisha Patel , ADPO Lokendra Dewedi and 10, 000 / cash reward to support staff. Total number of capital punishment in year 2019 are 7. Last year Honr PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi has quoted and appreciated success story of MP Prosecution in his speech from Red Fort on 15 Aug , later in programme MAN KI BAAT and in Forensic science university programme at Gandhinagar. MP Prosecution department has won following awards in recent time. 1-Two records from Book of World Record London 2- Two records from Golden Book of records USA 3- Kalam innovation in Governance award DELHi 5- Two records in India Book of Records 4- Lokmat award JAIPUR 5- Santusthi Foundation award JAIPUR These capital sentences are excellent example of teamwork , commitment and focused approach of MP Prosecution. Credit of extra ordinary and unprecedented success goes to team MP Prosecution and MP Police .

Shri. Rajendra Kumar, IPS
M. P. Public Prosecution